Measure the love compatibility between Leo and the signs of the Air group


Fire and Air are a couple that never knows when to stop. The Air element fuels Fire, causing both of you to become over-excited and exhausted with no visible results of your efforts.

The combination of Fire and Air zodiac signs is very difficult to control, it is not easy to find a balance point. This relationship is easy to fall into the “one-on-one” situation, or face enough headaches because both of you are distracted and have trouble settling down in life.

  • Leo – Aquarius

With the “not exactly the same but not different” personality of this couple, it will create quite new and interesting things for this wonderful relationship.

The relationship between Aquarius and Leo will experience a lot of different emotions, sometimes happy and happy, but also sometimes quiet and tense. Each of these emotions will be an indispensable spice in the love story of these two zodiac signs. So, even if in the future this relationship is not as it was at the beginning, Aquarius and Leo will still remember it forever.

Both Aquarius and Leo are fun, vibrant people, so if they’re together, they’ll make for a date full of laughter and happiness. Aquarius, although they are adventurous, often do not have the courage to do so. Therefore, the appearance of Leo has helped Aquarius get a great source of motivation, for them to overcome psychological barriers, “dare to think, dare to do” everything in life.

Aquarius and Leo are the perfect couple not only in love, but also in career and life. If Aquarius has an idea, Leo will act as a cheerleader and companion for them to confidently explore new horizons.

This will be a great combination if both always know how to make each other interesting. Love can only become sustainable when both know how to care about each other’s feelings, love and share the joys and sorrows of life. Let’s make each other great memories, your own imprint, life will always be full of color and joy.

  • Leo – Gemini

Leo “fire” will always need Gemini “air” to continue to burn and overcome all difficulties and challenges.

The combination of Gemini and Leo always creates a relationship that is full of joy and contains many interesting things. Both Gemini and Leo are passionate about enjoying life, love adventure, liberal, optimistic. As soon as they fall in love, both feel the excitement and warmth in this relationship. Their great harmony and communication make it easy for two people to start stories and share many things in life. That makes their relationship even stronger.

As a couple, they always care and take care of each other but always give each other their own space. Leo understands and sympathizes with Gemini’s need for independence and desire to try new and different things in life. Gemini is always caring, caring and makes Leo feel like the center. Together, Gemini receives sympathy and sharing from Leo.

There are also some troubles in the relationship of Gemini and Leo. Sometimes, Gemini feels annoyed because Leo always demands too much attention. Leo, on the other hand, has to be very patient in order to be able to endure the capricious, fickle nature of Gemini.

  • Lion – Libra

In love, Leo is always very sincere and sincere. With the idea of ​​”like is to work hard”, so if “someone” catches their eye, Leo will not hesitate to pursue.

In love, Libra is very rational and “iron”. For those they have no feelings for, Libra is ready to say very hurtful words. As a person who does not believe in love at first sight, Libra will be very sensitive and “wary” against too tedious flirtations like “I liked you at first sight”.

The strong Leo and the intelligent Libra will be a great match if both are sincere and value this relationship in their hearts.

Libra when in love is a person who likes to dream and especially loves to speculate. With this high-flying imagination, only lions are interested in listening to their “trivial” stories.

Although sometimes Libra has quite bold and risky ideas, but Leo, a person who has never known failure, will always be by their side to encourage them to bravely realize that dream.

In life, both are rational and intelligent people, they know how to maintain a good relationship, understand that life is to yield, listen and share.

Both Libra and Leo are very concerned with their careers, subconsciously they always want a significant source of income before thinking about the future. This couple’s love is not as strong and passionate as other couples but gentle and deep. The foundation of love is based on absolute trust in the other as well as in yourself.

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