What are the outstanding characteristics of the A blood type Aquarius?

From an astrological point of view, Aquarius with blood type A is often evaluated as having an intense, impulsive personality and possessing many complex conflicts within the soul. They have the ability to build good relationships through their sociability and friendliness, but they also easily upset others with their stubbornness.

1. Personality Aquarius blood type A

Aquarius with blood type A has a creative personality, a rich imagination, and hates formality. However, they are people who respect principles or order, so they can develop unstable personality traits.

Although you have a unique mindset, you are very easily influenced by the surrounding circumstances, have ideals but cannot implement. In the ideological field, you develop a very grand plan, and at times even come up with a reformist thought.

Things that require meticulousness and detail are still lacking, and that is also your weakness. Words of blood type A will often choose the safe and sure path, but if it is Aquarius, it is different. This group of people will not necessarily choose a stable life. At some point, you will suddenly give up the life you had before to pursue a new life of enthusiasm. 

2. The work of Aquarius blood type A 

You are creative, have original ideas, often have profound inventions and discoveries. If your career lacks connection, it will not be possible to bring out your natural talents. The right job for you is a designer, photographer, poet, composer, psychologist, etc., or follow the media direction to develop your career. 

At work, your boss may not see your strengths, so getting a promotion or not is the key to determining your success or not. You are a person who values ​​and loves friendship very much, or receives advice and help from friends.

Violent arguments increase the friendship between people. Of course, there are times when there are opposing opinions, but a stubborn person like you who does not accept defeat in the eyes of everyone seems to be very soft. Moreover, as a rich revolutionary, you will find appearing beside you many characters that make you have a common voice and resonate with each other.

3. The love of Aquarius with blood type A

With a passion for idealizing life, A blood type Aquarius likes pure love stories that stem from sincerity. They are calm, have foresight and are quite exclusive in love, so it is easy for lovers to find them interesting but also full of problems.

They prioritize equality, often evolving from friendship to love rather than love at first sight. For them, “long-lasting rain” is the most reliable and sweetest way to love.

Aquarius hates being tied up in thoughts and actions, if the other person makes a move to interfere in their private affairs, they will immediately appear annoyed and dissatisfied.

You should not try to interfere in the personal life of Aquarius, respect the limits they have set and ask them to respect your decisions. Love is not only monopolizing or controlling but also understanding and yielding, so don’t “guess old and guess young” every time Aquarius behaves like that.

Aquarius does not like arbitrariness but is relatively open, liberal, they do not indulge in lust and oppose promiscuous relationships. From this feature, people often think that Aquarius is a harmony between two unique opposites.

They value beauty, love themselves, so they rarely neglect their personal needs, and they require the person they love to take care of themselves as well. Don’t judge them one-sidedly because of their cold, rational appearance, if they meet someone whom Aquarius really loves, they will take care of that person with all their heart.

When you date these people, you can chat with them about deep, philosophical issues in all areas such as religion, education, career. They like to approach the new worldview so don’t be afraid to express your opinion to them.

The biggest flaw in love of Aquarius people with blood type A is their erratic attitude. They can change their mind like the weather and if you don’t give in and sympathize with them, you can hardly be a couple with them.

Regarding marriage, Aquarius believes that marriage must be based on the mutual agreement of both parties, not because of external factors that force themselves to marry with other people.

Although they are not formal, they respect the rituals and rituals left by their ancestors, so they do not spend much time inventing new ways.

Even from their romantic relationship, when they are not married, they have also shown themselves to be freedom-loving people who hate being invaded by privacy, so when they get married, they also hope that they and the other side don’t need it. must be together anytime, anywhere.

They know how to put themselves in their lover’s position to see the problem, ready to encourage, talk seriously to find a common ideal or come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

4. Health of Aquarius with blood type A

As a thinker and hesitant person, Aquarius with blood type A is prone to diseases of nerves, stomach, blood pressure and anemia. They also need to pay attention to protect their wrists and ankles as these are their two most vulnerable parts.

The cause of the above diseases is because they are lazy to exercise, making them mentally sluggish, on the other hand, the pressures from study, work, family affairs are also easily affected and affected. negatively affected.

To improve health, Aquarius with blood type A should build a reasonable diet combined with regular exercise and sports. Sleeping on time, getting enough sleep and designing a scientific schedule and work schedule also contribute to helping them feel more comfortable and more energetic.


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